Welcome and thank you for your interest in owning a J.R. Crickets® restaurant. We at J.R. Crickets® Enterprises Inc. take pride in offering the most economical and personally gratifying business opportunity available to you today.

Please take your time and enjoy envisioning your success and happiness as a J.R. Crickets® restaurant owner as you read the following information. You will find the information you will need to make your investment decision. We are familiar with all of the decisions and obstacles it takes to start a business. We understand that for many of you, this is a life decision and investment. We will take our time and work with you to make your owning a J.R. Cricket's® restaurant a dream come true. It is our goal to use our expertise to make your business successful. In summary, when you succeed, we all succeed and grow.

Thank you again for your inquiry. A link to our Ownership Application Form is below.  We look forward to working with you.

Paul M. Juliano, J.R. Crickets
® Enterprises, Inc.
"Chicken is chicken, but the wing is the thing"


Paul Juliano founded J.R. Crickets® in 1982 with a single store at 631 Spring Street, in midtown Atlanta, Georgia.  It was Paul’s vision and willingness to go the extra mile that turned “The original J.R. Crickets®” into the best known wing restaurant in the south east.   You can still find many of the same employees managing the day to day operations.  J.R. Crickets® has been featured in Atlanta Journal Constitution, Georgia Trend, Atlanta magazine, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and many college newspapers.

Paul has since opened several more successful J.R. Crickets® locations much to the delight of the Atlanta market. His decision to make his passion and expertise available to you will create a powerful win-win situation for you, J.R. Crickets® Enterprises Inc., and the community which you will serve. With Paul and his management staff on your team but not on your payroll, you will be able to remove the word "chance" from your vocabulary and replace it with "opportunity". A true opportunity for you to have your own profitable business while being your own boss.

Why us?
  • You will be in business for yourself upon entering into a license agreement with J.R. Crickets®®Enterprises, Inc. You will be your own boss and will have an opportunity to have a successful restaurant business. We will share our blueprint for success in order to enable you to pursue your own success.
  • You and your staff will receive training at "The Original J.R. Crickets®".

  • You have J.R. Crickets® top management (over 145 years of combined JRC experience), working with you at your location during your first week.

  • Your location will be named in our company owned Atlanta area menus and other permanent advertising.

  • You will have the use and instant recognition of the J.R. Crickets® nationally registered logo and our catchy "Chicken is Chicken, but the wing is the thing" slogan.

  • You will have access to our exclusive famous wing sauce.

  • You will have National account status with food and beverage suppliers.

  • You will receive assistance in every business aspect such as advertising, in store accounting, payroll suggestions and more to insure the success of getting your new store up and running.

  • You are not required to pay advertising contributions or royalty fees.

  • You will receive annual and quarterly rebates based on all food purchases

  • Each year 3 owners win vacations in our Travel lottery

  • When you succeed, we all succeed and grow. That's the plan.

You are not alone

You and your key employees will be trained at the "Original J.R. Crickets®", this location has been operating since 1982. We welcome you and your employees to train side by side with our VERY EXPERIENCED STAFF. When you open your location, we will be there with you to assist with continued training and a smooth opening.

What's Next...

Please follow this link to the Personal History and Site Selection form.   And it's off we grow!

Each J.R. Crickets®® location is individually owned and operated subject to the limited terms and conditions contained in that location’s License Agreement. Financial results at any one location are no assurance of same or similar results at any other location. The financial results an any one location are dependent upon the ownership, management, location, operational methods employees, and a number of other factors, tangible, which may vary from operation to operation.

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